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This pack of Plugins for Irfanview will solve those little problems you had when using Irfanview.

When we talk about problems we are talking about those moments when we try to open a certain file but it is not supported by our beloved Irfanview.

From now on, it will be even more difficult to find a file that is not supported by Irfanview (Now it will support PDF files, RAM, WMV,...), because this pack includes the following plugins: IV_Player, Med, Mp3, Nero, Quicktime, Real Audio, SoundPlayer, B3d, Crw, CADImage, Dicom, DjVu, EaFsh, Ecw, Flash, Formats, Fpx, Ics, JPEG2000, Jpm, Kdc, Ldf, LogoManager, Lwf, Mng, Mrc, MrSID, PhotoCD, PNGOUT, Postscript, Sff, 8BF_Filters, Filter Factory, Filters Unlimited, Email, Exif, Iptc, Jpg_Transform.

Furthermore, it also includes more options and features for your picture an video viewer.

We think they will be enough, won’t they?
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